Data Scraping feature cannot Extract correlated Data

Data Scraping tool cannot extract a simple pattern from this listing website:

I’m trying to extract Hotel-name and Official Website url combined (Extract Correlated Data)… but each time I can extract only one of each category, not combined.

	<column exact='1' name='Column2' attr='href'>
		<webctrl tag='p' text='-' />
		<webctrl tag='a' idx='1' />


	<column exact='1' name='Column1' attr='text' name2='Column2' attr2='href'>
		<webctrl tag='h5' />

Any suggestion, pls?

the structure of the presented data is not in format that can be derived into a format of of row (parent) / column (child) level.

With other techniques e.g. find children approach or index calculations the data can be transformed into a tabular data

That structure is from what Data Scraping tool provide, Peter.

Another approach was to create a counter… but the there is alway a different idx: “tab-GR”, “tab-IT” and so on, that’s why an integer number (counter) cannot help. I’ve followed this: Web Scraping With UiPath - YouTube

can you define a particular country for scoping a prototype and let us know it (along the url)

Greece, for example: Greece