Data Scraping Desktop Application HRESULT E_FAIL Error


Extract a drop down which itself a table. I was able to extract using Data Scraping tool.

It was working for few records, but giving “Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component” error for few of the records.

I searched this forum but most of problems are with Web app.
UiPath version is 2018.1.1.
Even the UIExplorer throws same error when selecting the dropdown item.

Request help to solve this issue.



@Sasi.lalo Did u install chrome extension

Actually it is desktop application. I mentioned it in the title.

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What was the resolution to this issue. I am just trying to follow along with the instructions to the RPA Starter course and I get this error when it tries to extract the number from the DL Image. It is frustrating that there is little info on this very common error.

Hi @mikecantdrive55

This is a high level error and there are multiple cause for this error. If you have enterprise license, you can contact UiPath Support team.

For me, I had gone with an alternate solution.

I have the community edition right now. Just installed it. I’m going through tutorials trying to learn RPA.

Thanks for the quick reply.