Data scraping -columns order sometimes change

Hi , I found problem in my scenario, I’m not sure if this is problem DS or append range.
In my final excel file sometimes columns order changed, but I don’t know why and when this is happening.
When the robot is working everything is going fine but when the process stop and I start the process over again it suddenly change the order of the columns.

Hi @Brano

I didn’t clearly understand ur scenario

Can u elaborate it?

1, fill data on web and DS
2, 1 time - write range, with addheaders all the next with append range,
in final excel right columns order is A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M
but after crash, problem on web page columns order is A,B,C,H,I,J,K,D,E,F,G,L,M

As A B C D 120,36 € 63,12 33,03 123 10.12.2020 16:42:43
As 74,01 € 42,68 21,7 A B C D 124 10.12.2020 17:01:17

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