Datatable column ordering issue

Hi Team,
I am scraping a report from a web application and entering the data into SharePoint forms. Each row in the datatable corresponds to one SharePoint entry. The table is about 32 columns wide. The first 0 to 6 indexes are in order, but everything from index 7-31 are jumbled up. I can’t seem to figure this out.
The SharePoint forms are broken into different tabs and the robot has to navigate from tab to tab to fill the forms. I broke down the workflow in sub workflows, using different XAML files for better management. Using arguments, I pass data between tabs.
I had difficulty passing a datatable row object as an argument, so, I converted it on an array object. At first I used row.itemArray contract and faced this issue, so, I manually created an array and mapped the columns as follow:
record ={row(0),row(1) … row(31)}, but still ended up with same ordering issue.
Strangely, the last column, which is row(31) becomes index 9 in the array.
Can you anyone help me resolve this issue, please? Please the report table header below (Not full wide)


The below link might be helpful in your case.