I need help!i want to rearrange columns

I need help!i want to rearrange columns , how do i do it without data getting manipulated
help me get solution

Hey @Ferdi7110

Kindly refer below link

Also in addition u can use default view too

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Hi @Ferdi7110

=> Read the excel
=> Use Filter Datatable Activity in output column tab add all the columns in the order you want
=> Get the output and Write the datatable back to the same excel


you can checkout this thread too. It will help you.
Use invoke method with SetOrdinal

And pss the datatable and the index in prameters where you want the column

Check this for screenshots of how it looks if stuck.


thanks i used the link, helpful

Ohh, there are plenty


The below link will help you then.


thank you , i got answer

Hi @Ferdi7110

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Happy Automation!!

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