Data Scraping cannot get value from web tag textarea

I use Data Scraping to extract datatable from a web page.But I cannot get anything when the HTML tag is textarea.My question is how to use Data Scraping to extract these data.
I know I can get pre data by using “Get Text” activity.But it takes too much time.
I wrote a similar page with the running result, as shown below:

please share the extract metadata xml from datascrapping config with us. Use the </> fromat button for this. If the url is public then also share with it.

Have a look here as well:

I upload all file to google.It includes the uipath studio project file and the local web page.
This is the link:Test4textarea

it looks as it could be a bug or textareas are not handled properly and requires a more deeper analysis.

As an alternate you can go with:

  • find children - find all textarea elements under the table - get the value with get attribute or uiElementVar.Get(“innertext”)
  • dynamic index
  • possible, but not really needed - XML Parsing

Let us know if you need help on implementing an alternate retreival apporach