Extracting the rows from the web

hi ,
i want to extract 2000 rows from the website where i have to loop though the each page and collect the data fields and place into excel .while i am running these my robot got stuck at one page and taking that fields into the excel without moving to other pages

this is my excel page

why it is got strucking at one page? is it takes time to load or any issue ?

You can try it with Data Scraping.

problem in loading the page i think After getting this , the previous page data is looped untill loop exists

okay check and change waitforready peroperty to complete

hi @kalyanDev ,i had changed the wait for ready state to complete but also it is giving same error

try once like this sear for one element in that page by using element exist and then do data scraping

Or give an delay, to load that page then do the data extraction…

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i tried giving delay also but same error ocurred