Data Manipulation Practice 1 - Lists

My concern is training material. Trying to follow the ‘Sort the List and Print 3 Values - Practice 1 Solution’ instructions do not match the download Workflow example. Needs rewrite. Item# 11 references itself which doesn’t make sense. In my opinion these instructions do not equal the download example.

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Hi @jimritt,

Thank you for raising this. Indeed the instructions were misleading. We will fix them on the Academy in the course, but it will take some time, as we will group it with other updates.

Please find below the updated instructions, matching the solution:

  1. Start the project as a sequence and define a L ist of Strings variable (“InputData”) with the following default value: new List(of String) from {“Germany”, “Spain”, “Japan”, “Brazil”, “India”, “China”}.
  2. Add an ’ Invoke Method ’ activity. Write ’ Sort ’ under MethodName and “InputData” under TargetObject. Leave the TargetType unchanged (null).
  3. Add one more ’ Invoke Method ’ activity. Write ’ Reverse ’ under MethodName and have the other 2 fields filled in just like in the previous ‘Invoke Method’
  4. Create a new List of String variable.
  5. Add an ‘Assign’ activity to the Designer panel.
  6. In the To field, enter the variable created at step 4.
  7. In the Value field, enter the name of the original variable, followed by .GetRange(0,3). This variable stores the first three values in the sorted list.
  8. Add a ‘Write Line’ activity. This will print the values.
  9. Use the ‘String.Join’ method: String.Join (", ", secondvariablename .ToArray) in the text of the ‘Write Line’ activity.



Thank you very much! I really appreciate your help!


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It’s been almost 4 years. This is still broken. Can you please update?

Hi, Tom!

The course has been updated and in the latest version:
Data Manipulation with Lists and Dictionaries in Studio we have the steps aligned with the workflow project solution.