RPA Developer Foundation course - Data Manipulation Module - Practice 1 exercise

Even though countriesList variable has been initialized as 'new List(of String) from {“Germany”, “Spain”, “Japan”, “Brazil”, “India”, “China”} ’ . In debug mode the countriesList under variables section, is sorted alphabetically. How is this possible?. Attached screenshot for reference.

@startrekuniverse It’s quite interesting scenario.
Assign activity is referencing the toSort list variable to the countrylist variable.
So whenever there is any changes in any of the list, change will reflect into both the lists.
Below screenshot is depicting the same, I have added listCounty1 and it reflects into the listCounty.

ok :+1: , but that should not occur right, since both are distinct lists? when i use write line results are as expected (Screenshot), but in debug window values are same for all lists, that’s confusing.