Data Manipulation-Lists Question

I followed the tutorial video and created a flow exactly as the video says. But the result in output panel is not the same: The cities are supposed to be listed in the output panel in correct alphabet order.

Could anyone see where the problem is??
Thank you.

@Qin_Z We would have to check the Complete expression that you are using in the Assign as well as the Invoke Method used. Are you using an OrderBy Clause?

Thank you for replynig. :slightly_smiling_face: Please see the pics below. I don’t think I have been using OrderBy Clause.

@Qin_Z I get the cities name in the order according to their names when I tried this now, but you might have missed one thing to show, How did you convert the values into Proper Case?

I still don’t understand…Which step sorts the cities’ name in alphabet order? Below is the step I used to capitalised the city names.

@Qin_Z If that Write Line is at the End of the Workflow, Use the Invoke Method Activity Before the Write Line Activity and check.

it’s still the same… The cities are still not being listed in alphabet order…

Main.xaml (7.5 KB)

@Qin_Z You were using the AllCities variable in Invoke Method, But you were printing the AllCitiesProperCase variable. Can you check properly :sweat_smile:

If you change the variable in Invoke Method to AllCitiesProperCase, you would get it in the right order.

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oh… finally… the truth is out… Thank you for the help :sweat_smile:

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