Data from excel is getting added into queue repeatedly

Hi Friends,

I have 3 rows in my excel and I am adding them into the Orchestrator Queue by using Add Queue Item activity.
But in the Queue there are more than 3 transactions, in fact its not stopping the execution and its keep adding the same 3 excel row values again and again.

Please help me out here.

Thanks in advance…

Step Into your workflow and find out why they’re repeatedly being loaded. There’s a condition somewhere in your workflow which is always true and triggers the loop to run infinitely.

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Acually I am using REframework and after GetTransactionData state is completed it is invoking Process state. So after processing the 3 records its going to again the GetTransactionData state and adding the same data in the queue again and processing again and again.

The Dispatcher should be used to load data to the queue and not the Performer.

However, if you’re combining the two, you should load the queue in the Init state in the section that only runs once. You’ll specifically need to load it in that part of Init because if an error occurs, the REFramework goes back to the Init state.

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Wow, your suggestion worked like charm.
Moving the Add Queue Item flow to Init resolved my issue.