Data filter

I have csv file in there are many data of emploee like firstname,lastname,contactno,aadharcard,pancard,address,ect in that file there are some employee data was missing in column like firstname in another place aadhar card no so we have to do
in that file i have to filter data of one column that column is lastname so i want output like
contactno,aadharcard,pancard some selected data are missing in column so in that blank place we have to writedown header of the column name
employees.xlsx (9.9 KB)
this was excel file but i want output in csv file

Hi @purnima_mandan ,

i didn’t get you can you tell the expected output from the input file, so that i can help you.


Hi @purnima_mandan

Do you mean you want to fill empty cell with column header?
Once all filled, export as csv?

Yes i want to fill empty cell with header of the column name

Hi @purnima_mandan

I see, below please find my method,

1.) Create a variable (list of string) to store all column names, lets name it ColumnNameList
2.) Wrap for each excel row with for each ColumnNameList

3.) Inside for each excel row body, use if activity
if cell = Nothing, assign column name to cell

Below please find the xaml file
Test.xaml (18.0 KB)