Excel linq manipulation

Good Morning !
Guys, I need help with linq, I don’t know if it’s possible, but
I get this report

the idea is to find the number or name of that row that has blank cells and fill that information in another column;
below an example

currently the case tableslet not derive a clear requirment definition. However have a look on following starter help for getting an initial understanding an approach could look like:


Find starter help here:
Statistic_AllCol_BlankCol_Get-RixCixCName.xaml (8.4 KB)


I don’t know if you can understand




I have not modified LINQ

Statistic_AllCol_BlankCol_Get-RixCixCName.xaml (12.2 KB)

no feasible with linq, you have iterate it.

Given two tables DATA and RESULT
Initialize a variable called CODE type string
For each row in table DATA
Use a if activity
if row(A) is empty
assign variable CODE = row(B) value
make a local datarow variable newDr
newDr = RESULT.NewRow
newDr (E) = CODE
assign other…
newDr(A) = row(A)
newDr(A) = row(B)
newDr(A) = row(C)
newDr(A) = row(D)
use AddDataRow activity for add newDr to RESULT table


so… I did it like this, but it takes a long time to find the names between the numbers, and a report ranging from 1000 to 1500 orders. I could be wrong, but linq might be faster

Currently, what is the time it takes to execute the flow you created?

Take 4 seconds for 2800 orders of 1-10 items with a table of more than 13800 records
aceptable for uipath activities
Ordenes.zip (538.7 KB)

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It worked, I was doing it another way with two tables, in this format I used two for each data table

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