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Hi Guys,
I need support. I want to extract data from newspaper website and everyday it would be extract top 10 title, URL and Image. like image

Please someone can assist me.
Note: this is newspaper site. Everyday it should be changeable.


Hi @Jesmine

Here’s a sample workflow from The Indian Express official site… If you could share desired site then we’ll figure out to how to circumvent this challenge

Till then
Main.xaml (8.0 KB)

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Hi @Jesmine

U can try the datatscrapping with Max no of result as 10 to extract the 10 data only.

Hope the logic helps you


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Hi @AMRITANShlal ,
I have send the link. Can you try it?


Hi @Jesmine

I was trying the same… but main challenge is that website have AJAX scripting so all the elements aren’t visible at same instance. In order to scape we might require to scroll manually.
Give me some time… I’ll get back to you.

Thank you. Look the process
Open website-----extract top 5 everyday like this image

For this image output should be

1.Economy reopens, but poverty rises

  1. Covid-19 eats up 3.5 lakh RMG jobs: Study

  2. Goal 2031: Reinventing cities now the order of the day

  3. TBS e-paper is here

  4. [এ সপ্তাহের ইজেল:‘প্রেসিডেন্সিয়ালস্ক্যান্ডাল’

I need to extract this top 5 for everyday. There title, link and image should be dynamic but position would be same.


hey @Jesmine
Main (2).xaml (10.5 KB)
Kindly check the workflow for the solution.
Note:- url will not contain the front part
rest all is working fine.

Nilay Varshney

thanks a lot

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