Data drivet test case - manipulate the imported datas before running the test

Hi all,
I want to group my datas which I import from an excel file, and I’d like run the test only after this process.
Reason: I don’t want to create new sheets for all testcase, just import the excelfile with the certain sheet, group the rows with the given parameters, create a loop, and run the testcase for all group.
Is it poosible?
Or anyway, is it possible not to import the test datas from a certain excelfile, but get them after any manipulation?
I mean, I could create different excel files according to the basic test data file - so I could group them, but then I need to import them one by one.
Can anyone help me?

Yes, you can have a test case that reads data from an excel file, filter this data and then use it in a loop. Keep in mind that the Orchestrator will consider this to be only one test case (instead a test case with data variation), so you should output some information in the logs so you can identify the row that failed (if the test fails only for some rows).

Hi @huszarevia,

Yes this is very much possible.
I am attaching sample project for using different features of test manager.

In this one, there is a test case already included for data driven testing, please go through that and utilize the same.
This should suffice your requirement.

UiBank (60.8 KB)