Data drivet test case - manipulate the imported datas before running the test

Hi all,
I want to group my datas which I import from an excel file, and I’d like run the test only after this process.
Reason: I don’t want to create new sheets for all testcase, just import the excelfile with the certain sheet, group the rows with the given parameters, create a loop, and run the testcase for all group.
Is it poosible?
Or anyway, is it possible not to import the test datas from a certain excelfile, but get them after any manipulation?
I mean, I could create different excel files according to the basic test data file - so I could group them, but then I need to import them one by one.
Can anyone help me?

Yes, you can have a test case that reads data from an excel file, filter this data and then use it in a loop. Keep in mind that the Orchestrator will consider this to be only one test case (instead a test case with data variation), so you should output some information in the logs so you can identify the row that failed (if the test fails only for some rows).