Create data-driven test case

Hi all,
I want to create data-driven test case but I have a trouble in importing data excel
Step 1: Choose “Add Test Data”
Step 2: After showing Form “Import Data Variation Source”, import data excel file
=> Actual: Show a error “Invalid Hyperlink: Malformed URI is embedded as a hyperlink in the document. UIPath”

Who can show how to create project automation test have use data-driven or example project, please.

the way you approached it seems pretty right as far as I can tell.
Could you share the excel sheet you try to import so that I can try it out on my side?

I send the attached file like below:
dataLogin.xlsx (8.5 KB)
if I use “Excel Application Scope” is ok but use importing from TestCase like the previous description isn’t ok.
Thank for spending your time to read this.

Thx for providing the file. The issue are the hyperlinks in your second column - the library we use to parse the excel throws an exception.
the workaround for now is to remove the hyperlinks in your excel and save it afterwards.
Besides that, we are working on a permanent solution for 21.4.
Pls let me know if this solves your issue.

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Thank you very much!