How to create percentage datatype in uipath

how to create percentage datatype in uipath

Percentage data type? Do you mean double data type?
If yes, then simply make the variable type to Double, if it’s not present you can browse for more types and search System.Double!
It’ll work :slight_smile:


Hi @pradeep_ch

Do you mean to be able to save a value to Excel so that it shows % after opening the Excel file?
I do not think you can do it in UiPath unless you use a macro to set the format of the cell.

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hi @loginerror
yeah i have to print the values in excel sheet
thanks for ur suggestion


I got it to work this way. Hope it counts:

image (45.6 KB)



Hi. Did you manage to use a macro as @loginerror suggested?

If yes, can you show me how?


Hi @kewakerukeli

Please see this example below: (8.1 KB)

The macro is quite simple here:

Sub ChangeCellFormat()
    Range("A2").Style = "Percent"
End Sub

I simply recorded my actions via Excel and then browsed it afterwards by checking the Visual Basic code :slight_smile: