Dark Mode visual glitch, black background with diagonal lines

StudioX 2023.4.1 - 5/10/2023
Automation Express License
Per-user Installation
License Provider: Orchestrator
Activation ID:
Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit

The following tabs appear to glitch out in Dark Mode:

  • Activities
  • Main
  • Properties/Data Manager

The background on those tabs is turned completely black instead of the usual graphite-gray, with diagonal pixelated lines of the original color shining through.

The problem manifests regardless of the resolution that the app is started on. I’m currently using two monitors, one set to 1920x1080 (150% scaling) and the other 2560x1440 (100% scaling).

Hi @artur.kowalewski ,

Thank you for flagging this, does this issue happen consistently on dark mode? And would you be able to share more details like screen resolution & maybe some display details.


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Hi @Raluca_Laic ,

The issue happens consistently on every launch, I’ve also noticed it on more than one version of the application. The display details are included in the original post. If there is anything I can add beyond resolution and scaling, please let me know.

1920x1080 + 2560x14440 is the most common setup I’m using, but the application behaves in much the same manner if used on three 1920x1080 displays, or just a single 1920x1080 laptop screen. Resolution does not appear to be the key factor in reproducing the problem.

Hi @artur.kowalewski ,

I’m unable to repro this but I’ve filed this for our developers to look into it.

Many thanks,

Any news regarding this?
I have this going on 22.10.10.
.net version 4.8.1 - might have something to do with this

Hi @Alexandru_G_Marica ,

I was unable to repro this and the team hasn’t been able to make much progress on this. Are there any repro steps to get to this point? Does this happen consistently? Does a re-size resolve the issue?