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Hi Team,

I have been trying on this dynamic selector , its taking long time, can any one please help me out with this?
Well i have to take data from a Data table,
i have put the for each loop and it loops through DT. now for every row for one particular column i have to make it as a Dynamic Selector of click activity…

Please see the following screen shots:

Your help is more helpful

Thank you

@Seem can u share original selector in text format?

Your selector should be something like this to make it dynamic :
"<wnd...........................tableRow = " + row("Table_row").ToString + " />"

Once that is taken care of, the below link might help with your error.

The process of making the selector dynamic involves keeping the static part within quotes and without any newlines while the dynamic part will be concatenated where required.
So for you:

@nadim.warsi - yes it worked , it went and selected . But if the values are at the bottom of page its not able to scroll down…
as some values are little bit down…
Ok let me add the screenshot

there are 2 click activities in the .xaml file.
everything is insdie the for each loop as below


Scrolling should not be a problem, just simulate the click it would got to the icon and click so i think that should work.

For your second case:
I would need one or 2 selector values without using wildcard and see what we can make dynamic
Please paste some selectors for your second case.

@nadim.warsi 1st case : simulate click: i am working on it, i just need to check the Simulate property?

yes please try and see if it does solve your issue.

In this case what value do you want to make dynamic? your order number?

if Yes, try this:

“<wnd app=‘saplogon.exe’ cls=‘SAP_FRONTEND_SESSION’ title=‘Display =S= Standard Order “+order_num_var+”: Overview’ /><sap id=‘tbar[0]/btn[3]’ />”

[be wary when you copy, make sure the quotes are proper after pasting]

Hope it helps :robot:

Do i need to create the variable - order_num_var?
And this order number i get is from the previous click activity(i.e for the one we created the dynamic selector

Do you get it after the click?
If yes create a variable and then assign it to it.
Connect it all and try. Should work

Hi ,
Well none of the problems are solved …

i just tried following:
1.) The Dynamic selector is not working :frowning:
Checked -Simulate for Click activity

Hi @Seem,

Remove the selector from the activity and click ok button.

The again go to the selector property then paste this value.
"<wnd app='saplogon.exe' cls='SAP_FRONTEND_SESSION' title='Display =S= Standard Order "+ Convert.ToString(row("Sales document"))+": Overview' /><sap id='tbar[0]/btn[3]' />"


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Can you please paste screen shot of both the selectors ?

Also can you try and print the value of the row(“Sales document”) variable?

Is this a column from an excel ?


Well its a SAP application…

Which Ok button?

i have pasted the screen shots of both selectors

Hi @Seem,

Share your xaml file i ll update and send to you?


Please find the file.

HI @Seem,

Please Find the xaml file.

selectors.xaml (9.5 KB)



Yes its going and clicking on both the click activites ,