Get the element in the Click activity's "Element" property ITS CHALLENGING

Hi Team,

Iam done with the dynamic selector
Well i have to take data from a Data table,
i have put the for each loop and it loops through DT. now for every row for one particular column i have to make it as a Dynamic Selector of click activity… - This is done

So the selector is getting the right values when i loop through.
But its not hitting on the right element and also its not atall scrolling down(if the elements are down) ----- MAIN PROBLEM… ITS CHALLENGING…

Do you have a sample workflow for people to understand better the problem?

have you tried the Simulate click if you are using a normal click…?
I also faced this issue with my automation project, it got resolved with simulate click…

yes i have done all the things - like simulate and hot key also please refer my previous thread and help me.

Great your problem is resolved … congrats.

Help me also please


Ok i will upload the xaml file here.
Also plese refer my previous thr

Is the issue in the first click or the second one?

Also, if the elements which are there in the screen at the time all get clicked? it gives error only for the ones which are not visible?

issue is with 1st selector , its not going n clicking the element.

so you need to search for your first element click then click it if im not wrong.

and when you say its not going you mean not scrolling if the element is below the visible window area

Hi All,

i have done some good progress using the find child, well this is clicking the element (but not the desired element) and its looping through and doing page down .
Now how to make it to select the exact element in column - Sales Document

Please find the .xaml.
is ther any way to do - child.1st time??

Thank you