D Selector

If its going down its fine means it looking for the element.
Do you have an element corresponding to the selector that just failed? 220055253?
If yes, does the selector differ or is it the same can you check.

@nadim.warsi yes its there in the file and in the SAP application too…

But i could not get what exactly @arivu did the changes…

He just corrected your selector as you were getting the JSon issue.

I cannot access the system, but can you please try getting the selector for the value 220055253?

Use another click in your sequence and indicate and post it here.

i just varified the values are there both n excel and in the application but its not working
indicate what?

Run again and see.
Once it fails, your element will should be of the value 220055253.

We need to see what is the actual value so that we can correlate the selector.

To know what is the current value of the element you are trying to click, use a new click action(delete it later)
and then point/indicate the element . You will get the selector value.
Paste it it here

hi Nadeem,

its related to scrolling.
So this time before i could start running code i had already scrolled it down , then for the 1st value only it got stuck and gave the error for following 1st element

NOTE: its not scrolling down on its own…

is scripting enabled on your SAP GUI?

See the initial parts of the video to enable, if not done. or the below

are you using simulate click or sendwindowmessage?

yes i have done it.


Can you please help me with this , the selector is not working its not at all able to select the next elements…
Thanks in advance…

i have checked the - check box of for Simulate click

please share your xaml


ok, if scroll does not work we can work around.
So we can use element exists and then send hot key if element not found.

In the element exists you can use the selector that we have below that you are trying to click

if not found you can send a hot key like below

how to check - So we can use element exists ??
and how shall i configure the send hotkey in my application…

yes please try.

Please use element exists, and then use a condition ‘if’ to check the output variable.
Not elementexistsVar
Then send hotkey ‘pgdn’
Else leave blank

Hi @arivu96
i saw one of your post related to find children.

in my solution i have to pass the element to be clicked in the “Element” property of click activity…
I am not understanding how to do it…
Can you please help me with this…

The selector you provided is looping through but not able to click on the element.
So kindly help me with this


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