CyberArk & Assets

Hi I have a question about this topic. I know that UiPath Orchestrator can Integrate with CyberArk. I know how to manage de Credential Store in the Orchestrator.


Into CyberArk. when you create a credential for an Asset. In CyberArk. where do you create the credential? what kind of forms we need to fill? we need to create an account like we do with robots? what kind of device type and platform name we need to put for an asset? Or we do not create an account for assets? how we do the connection or the asset on the orchestrator and the credential in the cyberArk store?

I don’t have that much experience with Cyber Ark, but i think it is basically a container for credentials.

I think the easiest for you will be to search our for CyberArk guides as these should be clear enough. If that is not the case, definitely let us know :slight_smile: