Integration Of CyberArk with UiPath

I need Integration guide and How to get Orchestrator Asset through CyberArk.
Anyone who implemented this, please share steps.

hey @raja.arslankhan

Refer below Threads for detailed info


For cloud

For on prem

Once this is done…you can use name or accountname from cyberark to get the details…this name is provided in external name in the assets


Hi @raja.arslankhan

  1. Install and Configure CyberArk Credential Provider for UiPath:
  • Download the CyberArk Credential Provider for UiPath from the CyberArk Marketplace or official CyberArk resources.
  • Install the Credential Provider on the machine where UiPath Orchestrator is running.
  • Configure the Credential Provider with the necessary settings, such as the connection details to your CyberArk Vault.
  1. Create a Credential Account in CyberArk:
  • In CyberArk PAS, create a new Credential Account for the application (UiPath Orchestrator) that needs access to the sensitive credentials.
  • Configure the necessary permissions and restrictions for this Credential Account based on your security policies.
  1. Configure UiPath Orchestrator with CyberArk Integration:
  • In UiPath Orchestrator, navigate to the Assets section.
  • Create a new Asset of type “Credential.”
  • In the “Value” field of the Credential Asset, use the reference to the CyberArk credential stored in the CyberArk Vault.
  1. Use the Orchestrator Asset in Your Automation Process:
  • In your UiPath automation process, use the Orchestrator Asset to fetch the credentials securely from CyberArk.
  • When you access the Credential Asset within your automation, UiPath will automatically leverage the CyberArk Credential Provider to retrieve the credentials from the CyberArk Vault.
  1. Test the Integration:
  • Run your UiPath process and verify that it can successfully fetch the credentials from CyberArk via the Orchestrator Asset.

For more information you can refer below link:

Hope it helps!!