CV Vision OCR not working

Hi All,

I am unable to work with CV Vision Screen scraping. Its giving OCR not retirned any results as attacehd. Though uninstalled Uipath.vison as advised in other post, unable to fix this.

I tried using Gopogle Ocr/Tesseract OCR/Language as “en”… Still facing same issue.

Any help on this please…Waiting for an urgent deliverable badly.

Additionally, Any dependencies needs to be attached?? Please advise. Thanks so much in advance!!

Kindly have a view on this thread

Cheers @Balamareeswaran_Muru

Thanks Palaniyappan, able to fix the issue by usingTesseract OCR.

However, there is an addtional requirement for me like to extract particular words from the screen. (Terminal screen). Is that can also be acheived? with CV OCR

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Yah once after getting the string from OCR. We can get the specific text with string manipulation methods like Regex or split method

Cheers @Balamareeswaran_Muru