CV Screen Scope Selector issue

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Could you please suggest me any solution for below:-
Each time when I logoff the citrix and reopen the citrix CV screen scope is failing. and I observed sometimes Selector is getting change…

previous one-
wnd app=‘cdviewer.exe’ ctrlname=‘MainWindow’ />
wnd ctrlname=‘displayPanel’ />
wnd aaname=’ Citrix Receiver will try for more than an hour to reconnect.’ cls=‘WindowsForms10.Window.’ />
wnd cls=‘ICOWndClass’ title=‘Server’ />
wnd cls='wMFService
’ title=‘Desktop Fusion - Citrix Receiver’ />
wnd cls=‘D3DRenderer3’ />

New one-
html title=‘Desktop Fusion’ />
webctrl id=‘MousePointerDiv’ tag=‘DIV’ />

So each time I need to change the CV screen scope while running the process. Is there any way to make it robust???


with what activity in CV activities this error occured buddy
Cheers @keshav

CV Screen scope @Palaniyappan

You’re right, Citrix does this, and it’s a selector issue. ComputerVision doesn’t even get into play, since not even the virtual machine is found.

The best recommendation is to use classic selector debugging: create the automation, and when the Citrix selector changes, compare the old selector to the new one, and fix it (usually adding " * " in various place) so it works for all subsequent edits.

Hope that helps.

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