How to worked with two windows having same selectors in Native citrix or CV


I am using CV activity to automate some tasks. As the application doesn’t have stable selectors, I have to use Computer Vision activities.

But there are 2 windows opened, BOT focused on/ selects the previous window and not the currently opened. Both windows have the same selectors in the CV scope.

Can anyone please help me with how I can be focused on the current window and perform an operation on it?

Thanks in advance,


Hi @sayalic,
Are there anything different in those windows what could be used as an anchor for the selector?

No @Pablito, I am using CV so no anchor there. It focuses on the entire window like in Citrix.

Just to be sure we are on same side. You need this for automating apps which come from Citrix? If yes then you should have “easy” solution for this. Just install runtime extension on Citrix workers so Studio will be able to get the selectors from citrix (in fact kind of a rdp streamed session).

Thanks @Pablito. Can you please guide me how to install runtime extension on Citrix workers and is it useful in CV activities also.

Because I am facing so much complications to automate.

Sure :slight_smile: Here we go:
So on each worker which could serve the application you are automating you need to install Remote Runtime:

And then in the computer which will connect to citrix and will perform the automation process (design as well) you need to install Citrix Extension:

And then you should be able to automate and work with studio and selectors with citrix apps.
The idea is that citrix extension will communicate with runtime on citrix server side and then they can exchange properly with selectors and other stuff :slight_smile: