CV Get Text using dynamic Anchor

I need to get a text using CV tessaract OCR, it is automatically taking an anchor which is variable in nature… Is there any way of changing that anchor to a fixed element?? If not how do I use dynamic variable in anchor since anchor element will be changing.
Eg- I need to extract the highlighted element, the anchor it is taking is Famfochh Fam… Can I change that anchor to ENC Provider??

Hi @Tanmay_V_Chetule

If it is a webpage or any desktop application, you are trying to extract the required text.

Then use the CV Get Text activity to extract the text. By using this activity you can give the anchors to the fixed elements.

Hope it helps!!

I am using CV get text activity only, Not able to change the anchors

@Tanmay_V_Chetule , can you provide us the website link or a similiar website link, so that we can check on it and get a solution


  1. Use the CV Screen Scope activity and indicate the area where you want to extract text.
  2. Once the activity is added to the workflow, you will notice that a green box appears around the selected area, and the anchor element is automatically detected.
  3. In the Properties panel, locate the Anchor property under the CV Screen Scope activity.
  4. Click on the Anchor field’s dropdown and select “Indicate anchor on screen.” This allows you to manually indicate the element you want to use as the anchor.
  5. A target selection box will appear. Click on the element you want to use as the anchor. In your case, you want to use “ENC Provider.”
  6. After selecting the anchor element, the green box will now move to the new anchor, and the OCR text extraction will use this fixed element as the anchor.

No you can click on wrong symbol in anchor, click on it and try to give another anchor.

Check the below image, I have marked the position click on wrong button to remove anchor and you can give another anchor. @Tanmay_V_Chetule


Hope you understand!!