CV Get Text-Activity writes "a" instead of ä

Hello guys,

I use a Remote Desktop Connection to connect to another system. Therefore I use CV to extract data. The problem is sometimes adresses contain letters like “ä”; ü", or “ö”. The bot writes the extracted adresses into an excel file but instead of writing “ä” it writes “a”. But I need the exact letters to compare to the data from another system.

Is there a way to solve this problem?

Thanks in adavance!

Hi @Emma_Micheilis,
Which engine are you using for CV activities?

If using another OCR engine does not help. You can try to copy the data within Citrix (if possible) and then use get from clipboard activity to save it in a variable.

I’m using OCR, because of the remote desktop connection

No I can’t because I’m using rd-connection. It’s weird because it’s only those 3 letters - other letters like “ß” work

But the question is which OCR engine are you using? For any kind of OCR-based activities you can choose different engines which allows for different options.

It depends on the configuration, you can have a shared clipboard. So if you copy something inside rd-connection, you can essentially paste this value outside the rd-connection. You don’t have anything to loose.

I was using Uipath Screen OCR, but I tried Microsoft OCR as well. It didn’t help

Okay I made a mistake: I modified the configuration of the OCR engine but I forgot to change the OCR engine in my CV Scope. I’m using Microsoft OCR now and it’s working! Thank you!

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