Can't get the output when using "Select - all text" in CV Get Text

I need to extract a excel sheet from a remote desktop. For that am using OCR Method in CV Get Text activity. Its working fine, I can extract only one word at a time. But I need the whole excel sheet, so that am using Select - all text Method in CV Get Text activity. It is showing warning (Ref:Image) and I didn’t get any output. It would be nice if any one give idea on this issue.

Thanks in advance!

Did we try with SCREEN SCRAPPING method from design tab in studio
That would work either
Cheers @Subhass

Hi Palaniyappan,

Thanks for the suggestion. This option is working only on the visible text and the output not in the tabular format.I have checked The Select - all text Method in CV Get Text activity successfully copied the whole excel sheet from the remote desktop But it is not paste the data in local system. Do have any ideas on this!


I hope you mean copying as getting the output from CV Get text activity to a string variable
If we have the string variable ready with data in it then we can pass that to GENERATE DATATABLE ACTIVITY and get the datatable ready
Which can be written to a excel with Write range activity

Cheers @Subhass