CV Activities without the API key

I am using the CV activities without mentioning the API key either in the project setting or the CV scope.

There are a couple of things I am wondering about. If somebody can help me understand this better?

What happens if I don’t use the API key and deploy the process via the orchestrator to a robot?
How is the accuracy of CV activities with or without API Key mentioned.
What does the (Synced) functionality do if the API key is provided? Does it sync that API key across the project?
Do I need to specify an API key in the CV scope if I have specified one in the project setting?
What does this CV API exactly do? What parameters does it take? what response does it throw back for the activities to use?

Any insight would be a great help. Thanks!


API Key is mandatory and you can use it for any project.

detailly you can check here

So CV activities won’t work without it? is that what you’re saying?

@aman.saini you could try to use the CV local server package.

Activities - About the local server package (

I appreciate your response but I am not looking to deploy a local CV server. Just want to understand the originally posted.

yes, correct. technically you need to have a CV License. but I recommended using it for the last option…

umm, so without using the API key I CAN automate and use the CV activities. I am struggling to understand what change an assigned API key will bring.

Here’s a different question, does the use of the API key return better results from CV activities as opposite to not using the API key?

I totally confused about your question. according to the link I shared. it is clear that you need API Key.

how can the CV activity give you results without an API key? this is make me confused.

you and me both. I am currently not using an API key and am wondering if the license itself auto fetches this? :confused:


I hope I can shed some light here :slight_smile:

If the Studio / Robot / Assistant you are using is logged into (instead of a private instance of Orchestrator) we are using that logged in user to fetch your ApiKey automatically for ComputerVision.

If your Studio is connected to cloud Orchestrator but your robots are not it is mandatory to specifiy the ApiKey in your project settings or your CvScope in order for the robots to be able to run.

Regarding the sync notation: This means that the setting is synced across all CvScopes from that file (and only that file). The easiest way to set the ApiKey is setting it in the Project Settings.

There is no difference in detection if you are using ApiKey or the logged in method.

If you have any other question, please don’t hesitate to ask.



Hi Stefan,

thanks for the light. Now, I understood. Auto sync APIKey from the Automation cloud is new for me.

some of my robots still specify the APIKey manually because they are still using the old version and standalone Robot.

@aman.saini, my apologies for not understanding your question.

This is exactly the answer I was looking for. Thank you. This makes it clear.

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