Customize High Level assessment new version

I have created a new version of the Default assessment for the High Level assessment. So, now I have the Default Assessment V1.1 version. How, do I make it the active version? I am not able to see the option to make the 1.1 version active so the users still see the 1.0 version when they use the submit idea option.

Does anyone had idea on this topic?

Hello! I have this exact same question - did you ever figure out how to make the new version active?

hi @Sarah_T , I raised a ticket for this with UiPath and they confirmed that it is a known limitation.

PSB their last response:

As of now, we don’t have the option to make the customized High-level version live, This is still under review by our product team, and we already have an internal request, based on the product roadmap and customer demand this feature will be implemented in further releases.

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