Connect Enterprise - Editing High Level Assessment Answers

I have signed up for a trial of Connect Enterprise and have been impressed so far. Question: when completing a high level assessment is there the capability to update the high level assessment answers? For example when an automation idea is submitted the user may not have documentation. However, with the use of Explorer Expert, a team could create documentation before moving forward. Is there the ability to update those high level assessment answers that are entered at submission? (I haven’t been able to find it. An organization could have a “don’t proceed forward unless assessment score is greater than X” and there may be a desire to update those answers.)

Hello, @TomInKC!
Thank you for your interest in Connect Enterprise Hub!
Currently, there is no possibility to update the High Level Assessment filled in by the business user. We will deliver this feature by the end of the year.
On the other hand, the high level assessment is just a starting point to assess an automation idea. In order to take better informed decisions, an organization should use the output of the detailed assessment, filled in by the Process Owner, which covers a broader range of aspects.

As mentioned, we will deliver the possibility to edit the High Level assessment in the upcoming weeks.