Automation Hub - Unable to customize description for High level assessment

Hi, We are trying to customize assessment question provided under high level assessment, while we could edit and delete other questions we could not edit the description (screenshot provided below). Is there a solution for this?


Hi @tadakamallar

It indeed looks like it is currently not possible. I will save your suggestion for our Automation Hub team to consider for future releases :slight_smile:


The name of the idea, the description and the categories are part not only of the Share an idea form, but also Share a CoE-idea form, Share an automation form, the About page of the idea, the Automation Pipeline and many other pages. These 3 are mandatory for submitting the idea, and they are not part of the High Level assessment section, but of the Overview section.

Today, we do not support modifying the wording around Description, but we can consider allowing modifying the Description of these 3 mandatory fields for the future. Can you provide more details on what changes you would perform for Description?

Thank you,

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