Customer lookup or update


My requirement is to read a contact value from excel sheet than query/lookup it in the application if customer exist than update the values if not than create new customer and than update value.

Does any one have an idea to achieve this??I am able to create new customer from given values but how can I perform lookup for each value.


Your question need more details. What kind of application it is? web application/client server application or stand alone application.
if it is a web application then the aproach depends on the browser what you use.
In general following options will allow you to search.

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Hi sumitctm,

you can use get row item to get the customer name with in for each activity… each time you get a next customer data compared by two variables, one is your entered value and another one holds the value from excel … that return true only update the value or return false create new customer and update the value using “Append range activity”

Thanks Ajitkumar_P & rkelchuri!!!

Well I am looking for Salesforce & SAP application.

First I want to lookup customer if it exists than I have to append details and if not available than I have to create the same in the system…

Could look into this and help me with the solution.’



Sumit, it’s also depends on your application flow.
For example if you want to see in manual way… how you look for the customer in your CRM.
That scenario will give you an input how application is felicitating the required customer name/data.

Based on that you can design the work flow.
I can give you a general workflow desing which you may need to customize as per your CRM behavior.
Hope you are with me :wink:
Here is a general design steps for your functionality

  1. Click customer name.(drop down or search box) (use click or select item activity )
  2. Enter/select required customer name (use Set text activity)
  3. Check First Name and Last Name on customer details.(use Get Text activity)
  4. Pass First Name and Last Name into a global variable1
  5. Read Customer First Name/ Last Name from your local database/excel spread sheet (you need list of customer names to verify in CRM application whether they are exists or not)
  6. Pass them into a Global Variable2
  7. Compare with condition if both are same then you don’t need to create.
  8. if Both are not same or Variable1 is empty then the customer does not exits and you can enable create customer work flow.

Hope my inputs are useful.