Updating the status

Hi, I am done with the workflow, Where I am comparing the data.
At Last I want to update the status in the New Excel Like
If data match in both the Excel then write the status Matched if not then Not Matched.
One more column for CustomerName.
I already have this variable with dynamic name

I created the Build Data Table,
with CustomerName and Status headers and store in a NewDT variable.

can you please tell me what I have to mention in the Add Data Row activity.
In the Status I can mention Match and Not Match in the Then & Else part of IF condition.
But how I mention this variable which contain my dynamic Customer Name.

Followed the approach.

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You can do it in two ways.

  1. Read Index of that row and use Write cell activity and pass status to it.
  2. Other way is to assign status like below.
    row(“Status”) = “Matched/Unmatched”

And at last use Write Range activity to write all processed rows status into excel file.

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@balkishan For this case add data row is not required you can use write cell activity

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Thanks Lakshman,

Now it’s done. But there is an issue. I will show you
My approach

Now see when it Matching the first file. It write the correct status with the Customer Name.

When It check for second file it removed the previous updated record and write the Headers two times.
now it gives me this…

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How bro, please tell me how can I do this.

How I am approaching…

Hi Lakshman, can you please tell me how to mention in the Then & Else part of the Write Range Activity.


  1. assign Int count =2
  2. in if condition
    Write cell activity pass range with ”B”+count.tostring with value match

Write cell activity pass range with ”B”+count.tostring with value unmatch

3.Increment count =count +1

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But how I mention here Match/ Non Match

I have to pass the row(“CustomerName”) variable also. bcz it’s containing the name.

I have used Name folder also where I have the same valuedynamically coming from CustomerName row.

SO first I want to write the Headers then from A2 data.
Like this.

@balkishan Outside if condition assign variable and pass the dynamic value and inside if condition use write cell activity and pass range with ”A”+count.tostring with variable assigned outside the if condition

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Bro, This I already done. But you suggest me not require Add data table.
Now I want to pass the two value.
First for CustomerName either by using row(“CustomerName”) or by Cust_Name bcz same dynamically value coming from the CustomerName into the Cust_Name.

Second I want to pass the Match/Not Match in the B cell.

I already created the Build Data Table with headers Customer Name and Status.

Can you please tell me in the Then & Else part what I have to do.

sorry bro, I didn’t get this.

you mean to use two diff Write Range Activity in Then and Else part with using the same excel.
can you show me how I mention these values in the Write Range.

@balkishan Not write range you needs to use two write cell in if and else condition

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Okay bro,
see is it a right way to mention

How to mention Match here

@balkishan Can you attach your xaml file

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shared bro in message

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