Custom Input dialog HTML - loading CSS

Hello everybody, I have a question regarding the “Custom Input” activity.
With this you are able to create your own input dialog with the help of HTML. Since I find pure HTML terrible, I included Bootstrap to make the form more beautiful.

Finally I tested the HTML document directly in my browser and found out that Bootstrap works fine.

Unfortunately I found out that the UiPaht web environment doesn’t load the CSS. Is there a trick I don’t know we should know?

You can try with in-line CSS to beautify the form.

Never tried bootstrap. I will check if it works and let you know the feedback.

Karthik Byggari

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Any result?

Will check today and sorry for delay.

I tried to include bootstrap in the html file as a style tag. However, this does not work either.

That’s bad to hear.
Did you tried directly loading online link for bootstrap styles.

As before: It works in the browser, not in the Custom Input action.

Okay. Got it.