Custom column in transation item queue

is it possible to add a custom column to the transaction item list view (see Screenshot)?

I also want to able to fill that column value for each individual queue item using an activity

Is that possible?

Can you be abit more specific about what you want to put in that column?

Its not really possible since UiPath control the cloud Ui, but its kinda possible if you inject some code… but I’m largely just curious about what you are trying to achieve.

In my project we have different processes that all have one thing in common: every process should upload certain data to our Document Management System “Doxis” at the end. Since certain errors could happen at that upload we created a dedicated process for the Doxis upload, whose queue items you can see in the screenshot.
In order to know from which process the DoxisUpload queue item comes from, we currently store a value for “processName” in the queue item´s SpecificData. For better overview we want to see the “processName” value in the queue item list, in order to directly know where each queue item comes from

Interesting use case.

So the answer is techincally no, there is no out of the box solution, however, it is actually possible.

The page you see does actually retrieve details of the SpecificContent for each QueueItem when it refreshes, so if you were to use a TamperMonkey or GreaseMonkey script you could insert your extra column, parse the specific content retrieved and populate those fields…

Quite a few caveats there so and requires some investment from you to develop the solution.

Both tools are new to me. Is there any kind of instruction on how to even implement a script?

I’d suggest using ChatGPT