Error while using 'get transaction item'


While using the queue in Uipath, I am getting Error while using ‘get transaction item’. I read an excel sheet and put one of the column in Uipath queue ‘Test1’.

now I am trying to get the items name using ‘get transaction item’ using variable ‘tranItem’ and using tranItem.SpecificContent(<“column name”>).ToString
.It says,

The given key was not present in the dictionary

Please help out on how to use queues with any xaml example.

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Hi @sumit.ghosh,

Could you access your queue page through Orchestrator, open “View transactions”, then choose one transaction and go to “View Details” and share a screenshot of it, please?

Just to make sure that it was saved as expected.

It will be something like this…

In this example, I would use in_TransactionItem.SpecificContent(“WIID”).ToString to get “59239903” value


Thanks for the response. i got what i wanted.

2 questions:

  1. Whats the need of using queues when I can easily get the excel records by using a datatable more efficiently.
  2. If i have to add queue items from an excel sheet, i have to individually feed all the column names in the ‘add queue item’ activity’s properties from the excel sheet. What if i have 10+ column names. Is there any efficient workaround for this ?
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You can add complete data table by using ‘Bulk Add Queue Items’ Activity.

Please try it once. Hope it helps

Again, why is it required to add the whole excel when i can use datatble to get the row info.
Also, I could not see the ‘bulk add queue items’ in All packages. Where to get it.

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Hi @sumit.ghosh,

Answering your questions…

  1. The main advantage of using queue is that it allows more than one robot to process different queue items at the same time.

  2. As I know, if you want to use Add Queue Item activity… yes you need to map all columns. Another option is use ‘Bulk Add Queue Item’ activity as Venugopal24 mentioned, then you don’t need to map columns names.

“Bulk Add Queue Items” is in Orchestrator > Queues > Bulk Add Queue Items

If you can’t find there, probably you’re using an old UiPath Studio version.

I guess this activity was introduced in 2019.4 version, but I am not sure about this.

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