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Hi devs I have a question Even though not sure this is the correct place to post this; I’m thrying to create a custom activity with C# and need a container similar from the While Activity has. Using C# as developing and System.Activity package for this task. Thanks in advance for the assistance.

See this -


Adding to the above links, here is the webinar recording that covers basic & advance concepts.

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Thank yo very much…however I’m using SharpDeveloper, so I have to create my UI whats the builder name for the container itself.

Helpful, thank a lot.

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Hello @lavinia.nastase , @radu_bucur and @loginerror,

Can you please share the source code which has presented in the video. So many users are interested to develop the custom activities. It will be very helpful to them.

Thank you

Hi Balamurugan,

Please find the resources here:

Let me know if you have issues accessing them.

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Thank you @lavinia.nastase.