Custom Activity Drop Activity here field

Hello !
So I have been looking for a way to make Custom activities, sequences and workflows.
The tutorial for making custom Activities that are on the webside proved to be way too simple to be of any real help.

What I’m looking to make is an “Advanced”-Sequence where I can run some code behind -
Example a way to take time of a given Sequence of actions.

So when the CustomTimerSequence is initiated, a timer starts and when all workflows/sequences within it are done it stops the timer

This way I could have the CustomTimeSequence write to some DataTable.


This would remove duplicate code from projects where i want to meassure time.

What i’m looking for is : Can it be done ? Can I make a Custom activity where i can insert another activity
with a “Drop activity here”-field.
If it is possible, do anyone have any information or documentation regarding developing such Activity ?

I have experience with programming, so writing code is not an obstacle.

Your idea looks nice. I am sure it’s doable.

I was just playing a bit with this and found following resources:

You could look here to learn how to create native activity with designer and drop area:,guid,c3394709-1aaf-486a-8d1f-51050ce94ecc.aspx

I used the following project as basis for my experiments:

Hope it helps.

Thanks a lot for the reply !
I’ll start to look through it :slight_smile:

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