Stop watch and timers

I would very much appreciate a “time-out” activity that can encapsulate sequences or flowcharts, so that we can limit how much time a certain part of a process is allowed to take before finishing. On the bottom of the activity there can be a “On time-out” section, where we can state what is to happen if the sub-process times out (visually similar to a try/catch with “Finally” and “Catch” on the bottom).

On a slightly related note: A stop watch activity would be nice, too (start(), elapsed(), stop()).


The timeout sounds interesting.

Can you explain the stopwatch thing a bit more?

Nice to hear that you found the timeout interesting!

For the stopwatch, I simply had in mind a set of activities to go with the Stopwatch class from System.Diagnostics ( It is fairly easy to initialize a new Stopwatch and to use the “Invoke method” activity to start and stop it, but it would be more convenient to have tailored activities. Some use cases here could be to time a certain sub process, or to achieve a time-out for a loop.


Hi i am not able to apply this can u tell me how to apply it