Custom activity dependency issue

There was an issue about adding “selenium.webdriver” dependency when developing Custom Activity, but the answer did not solve it. Therefore, the question may be confusing to others, so I am editing it.

can you explain more, what you mean by “UiPath couldn’t read the package”. Any error message you are getting ?
Make sure that you have followed all the steps mentioned here

we had more often seen that below the lib folder the net product version folder is present

give a try to it

There could be better solution than this but you can try below

Specify the driver location.

In here, my temp folder contains the chrome driver file

Make sure the driver file that you are going to use is compatible with your browser.

Give it a try and check but it might not work (I could be wrong though)
Try to store the dll in project’s resources and refer from there (you will need to write dlls in local folder first).