Custom activities - custom fields, icons

Hello again!

I want to improve a bit design of my custom activities. So far, i managed to add my own categories, display names and descriptions. For now i would like to change icon and (especially) i would like to make some “visible fields” like on attached img :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help!!!

I also wanted to know how to add these fields to the custom activities. I’d really appreciate it if someone could respond. Thanks !


I’ve found this video on the other topic. I haven’t got time to look into it too much but I think it might be it :slight_smile:


Thank yo very much!

It was really helpfull :slight_smile:

to clarify, in case to add a custom field:

  1. you need to create new Windows Designer project, link it to your activity:
    [Designer(typeof(ADRESS OF DESIGNER FILE))]

  2. To add a new field:

       Name ="Step1"
       Expression="{Binding Path=ModelItem.VARIABLENAME, Mode=TwoWay,
          Converter={StaticResource ArgumentToExpressionConverter},
          ConverterParameter=Out}" OwnerActivity="{Binding Path=ModelItem}"
           MinLines="1" MaxLines="1" MinWidth="100"
           HintText="hint text to be displayed"/></code>
  3. To add an Ico You need to add co same XAML file:

I hope it will help someone!!



Is there any option to perform this like adding direct input field, change icon of custom libraries created using UiPath library option only not by VB script.