CSV File Upload


i want to upload records from CSV file to one of a postgres database user table. please suggest the steps or any link which shares the same.


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Please check https://activities.uipath.com/docs/about-the-database-activities-pack , that might help.

Hi @RobertD

Kindly follow the below steps that could help you resolve this issue for sure
1.First use Read CSV activity and pass the CSV file path as input and get the output as datatable variable named out_dt
2. Then download the database package from manage packages from design menu, and search in official tab with “UiPath.Database.Activities”
3. Then in activity panel search for activity, INSERT activity where pass the datatable from the above activity as input here and mention the database name,
for getting connected with the postgres database kindly follow the steps that is mentioned here

this would surely work
Cheers @RobertD

hi ,
i try to connect and upload Sheet but no data uploaded just the row created
do you have any idea where the problem ?