How to connect to postgresql db from uipath

Hello All,

I need to connect to postgresql from uipath from there go to db–>schema–>tables–>select query

Is it possible to connect and run any queries from uipath studio ?
Please assist me and thanks in advance

Should be possible, refer the tutorials for more details



Check this,

Rammohan B.

hi… did you find the solution

@Hemanttt, @vivek_k

PostgreSQL.xaml (7.7 KB)

I created this workflow and work in my PostgreSQL server, please see the output sample.

This workflow use the npgsql package.

Sample output:

PostgreSQL Init Code:

Npgsql documentation:

VB.Net using npgsql:

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i used odbc to make connection its works fine and its simple doesn’t require any coding

Just to spread the information around, see also this post:

Hi everyone,

I have almost the same problem. I connect the dt without problems using odcb, but I am not able to use the Insert Activity. I just set the conexion, write my input dt and the postgresql dt. A error message appears with this detail: the dt does not exist.

Doing the same with sqlserver works without problem.

Hello @Alberto_Sancho10,

In UiPath Go ! It has the Custom Activities for Postgresql . Here is the link.