CSV Append File does not write to a new line in StudioX

I’m writing a program in StudioX.
I have a CSV file 1 (delimiter comma) with 39 rows, 5 columns (A to E). It has a header row at row #1. I’ve another CSV file 2 of 22 rows and same 5 columns but no header. I’m trying to append CSV file 2 to CSV file 1 using Append CSV activity. Unfortunately, CSV file 2 appends at row 40 itself. It does not overwrite the last row of CSV file 1 rather adds the data from wow 40 itself but from column E, F…
Any idea why should this happen ?


I reproduced your problem not only in StudioX but also in Studio.
It seems bug. One of workaround is the following.



@Yoichi Thanks! I’ll try this.