CSV Excel issue


I have problem with CSV file. The file im working on do not have headers in two columns (AA1 and AB1). So i have used Write Cell activity, but the result is not what i wanted.


So as you can see on file, instead of “ASAD” in AA1 Cell i have nothing. Instead of “ASAD” in AB1 Cell i have “,ASAD,ASAD”. Both cells were blank before Write Cell activity. It have also added commas to data in AB column → VALUE1, it was just VALUE1

Hi @Add_Bddd ,

Could you show us the Input CSV file Data ?

I can`t upload full file, but this is how it looks like





It`s writing values to AB1 everytime - no matter what cell position is used in “Write Cell” Activity. I will propably manipulate data on datatable, but i just want understand why and what is happening.

Okay, i believe this file have some functions? It`s generated from system, and that iss messing up with activity :frowning:

@Add_Bddd The reason could the excel scope not supporting CSV files. It would be better to perform the same action within the data table itself and write the complete data at once into CSV again