Cron Question

Hey everyone,

I need a cron expression which so my process would be triggered in the 1st day of every month at 00:05. (Basically 5 minutes after we are in the first day of month).

I made it like this but not sure if I did it right " 0 05 00 1 * ? "

Cheers and thanks.

Looks correct sir!


Try below Cron expression.

              0 5 0 1 1-12 ? *

It would indeed be correct, throwing it into Orchestrator will let you know if it is valid or not, and when viewing the triggers - The trigger details will indicate in plain how it is being interpreted.

At 12:05 AM, on day 1 of the month

Or in Ganta’s example
0 5 0 1 1-12 ? *
At 12:05 AM, on day 1 of the month, January through December

UiPath using the Quartz.NET Framework for Cron have a read over the documentation if you haven’t already it is pretty helpful.

Quartz implements 7 field cron-expressions with the last one (year) being optional.

    1. Seconds
    1. Minutes
    1. Hours
    1. Day-of-Month
    1. Month
    1. Day-of-Week
    1. Year (optional field)

There are many helpful Cron Generators out there, but once you understand the fields and what characters represent, it can be pretty straight forward.

Not recommending any particular one.

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