Cron Expression

Hi All,

I have a daily schedule at 9 AM on orchestrator and last day of the month at 6.30 PM.
But because of daily schedule at the last day it will run two times on last day of month.

I am looking for cron expression or any other way to skip last day 9.30 AM run.
Thanks in advance.


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One way is to add Last Day of month logic to the Robot and ignore the 9:30 AM job and execute the 6:30 PM job.

For eg:
If(Today is last day)

if(now.Hour = 9)
// don’t execute

if(now.Hour = 18)
// execute

If using 2018.3 and up, another way is to select the last day of each month in non-working day calendar and enable Apply Non-working days for DAILY (9:30) schedule, disable for LAST DAY OF MONTH schedule(18:30). Since the non-working days calendar applies to all the schedules, this calendar will not be helpful for other robots.


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Thanks for prompt response.

Hi, Im currently schedule a 1st working day to 2nd working day of the month.

Is there a way i can schedule this? i already check this to

But it doesn’t help me on this kind of logic.