Cron Expression


Hi All,

I have a daily schedule at 9 AM on orchestrator and last day of the month at 6.30 PM.
But because of daily schedule at the last day it will run two times on last day of month.

I am looking for cron expression or any other way to skip last day 9.30 AM run.
Thanks in advance.



One way is to add Last Day of month logic to the Robot and ignore the 9:30 AM job and execute the 6:30 PM job.

For eg:
If(Today is last day)

if(now.Hour = 9)
// don’t execute

if(now.Hour = 18)
// execute

If using 2018.3 and up, another way is to select the last day of each month in non-working day calendar and enable Apply Non-working days for DAILY (9:30) schedule, disable for LAST DAY OF MONTH schedule(18:30). Since the non-working days calendar applies to all the schedules, this calendar will not be helpful for other robots.



Thanks for prompt response.