Cron Expression: Every Tuesday at 13:00, except last day of month

Can anyone please explain to me, is it possible to write cron expression in trigger to indicate which days should not be included?
For example, I would like to write an expression to run job:
On every Tuesday 1pm, except last day of the month.

How this “except last day of the month” can be achieved?

feel free to play with some of the online tools:

the exclusion of last day in month is not in the nature of cron.

Maybe you will set this check inside the Bot and will block the execution from there


Unfortunately I can’t set it in bot, as it’s also processing on other days.
For example each Tuesday and each last working day of the month.
So it may happen, that the triggers overlap someday.
But I guess the cron expression cannot exclude in general. Thanks for contributing anyway!

not sure about the mentioned block, as we can let start the bot too often, but on the begin it can be more complex calculated if the bot processing should be blocked or not

other days requirement is unclear

Day X But not on… constructs are not in the nature of cron, as mentioned above. We can identify such cases quickly when we do feel of writing an unclear or OR condition into one of the cron fields

Seconds Minutes Hours Day Of Month Month Day Of Week Year
0 0 0 ? * * *

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